• The word "Sumoulya", meaning, "Value Addition" as defined in the Karnataka State Value Added Tax Act, has been christened by Mr. K.S. Kamalakara, who has abundant taste for practice of Indirect Taxation.
  • We have helped a reputed manufacturing company in textile industry to successfully overcome excise demand involving several crores of rupees and won the case in favor of Company.
  • When for the first time ready-made garments industry was brought under the Central Excise net, we have studied the whole garments industry scenario and suggested and implemented alternative scheme of export benefit which helped them to leverage by 2% on FOB realization.
  • Presently, we are serving around 50 industrial undertakings with maintenance of records under the regulations of Central Excise, Customs, EOU procedures, Service Tax and Karnataka Value Added Tax. Our clients are quite happy and well contended with our services.
  • We serve with comprehensive knowledge of different exemption schemes and incentives schemes for exporters under Excise, Service tax, customs and K-Vat.
  • Ensured that exporter will avail all the benefits under different schemes.
  • Retained by the exporter as their consultant and representing exporters in the Government level.
  • Handled very complicated cases of exporters in relation to JDGFT and EOU matters.
  • Expertise in Pricing Policy envisaged under GST Act.
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